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Photoshoot Location 1:

Looking for the perfect location for the perfect photoshoots? I am just the same! Being a photographer at FYi Photography, myself, I understand the pain of searching for good locations without being chased away.

I wished there’s a site where you could get reviews of sites and places you COULD enter and photograph undisturbed.

Well here it is! This blog will tell you all the possibilities you could do! Also feel free to ask if you want to know other locations for your shoots. Enjoy!

Here’s my first recommendation for a Gothic / Dark Romantic shoot:

St Dunstans-in-the-east Church Garden, London EC4 

Accessibility: Open 8am to 7pm or dusk if earlier 

Privacy: There are park keepers there but they won’t mind photoshoots HOWEVER, they will do something if you’re leaning or climbing over structures. 

Entrance:  Free

Directions: it is hidden away at Idol Lane which makes it peaceful and perfect for a romantic date. Look at Garden Visit for directions.

Comments: It is a popular photoshoot area no doubt. Several photographers i adore have been using this as a shoot location. A perfect derelict site. A bombed out church turned into a garden.

Emily Soto, a favourite photographer, used it for one of her shoots: Within these Castle Walls. 


For me, I responded with a shoot plays around with the modern ‘masculine’ female stereotypes in fairytales. These ‘masculine’ roles tend to say women should not deviate from the pure, virginal damsels otherwise they’ll be considered villainous. So here she is, standing in contrast to the gothic arches. Not in a long princess dress but a metallic trenchcoat and leather boots. I am really not one to follow stereotypes but I enjoy breaking them! Anyway my A Level English knowledge is kicking in again!

For more from this shoot, take a look at my album here: FYi Photography

('Gothic Raven' by FYi Photography.)

(Second photo: There’s a platform of cobbled stones there. You can also get a beautiful stone window in the photo BUT I just realised I shouldn’t have put her up there because I found out that it is a mass grave areaXD)

Another shoot I modeled for in the same place in March 2014 with photographer, Aidan and good friend/partner-in-crime, Bertha C Mua. Photos edited by me.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can shoot in this garden even if you take away the church ruins backdrop.

Modeling for Aidan CK at the same place

That's me lying on the church floor!

Anyway feel free to drop a comment and review of the place here =) Respond with a photoshoot after this recommendation perhaps? It would be nice to see how you would use this space =)

Will drop in another location soon! An archived list of locations will be made available here! 



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